4 Tips to Make Moving Day Stress-Free

January 13, 2015 | Customer Resources | Blog, Commercial Moving Solutions, Moving Tips, Warehousing Solutions

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Planes employee removing pallets from truck

Moving. It’s something nearly all companies go through. Company growth and changes often result in the need for larger spaces, upgrades, or maybe just a change in scenery.

Moving an office affects each employee differently, but the most common issue, especially for upper management, is stress. After all, moving an entire company without nudging the bottom line or impacting productivity is a huge challenge.

Before you move anything, there are a few things you can do to prepare for the move and ensure a soft transition and stress-free relocation for you and your employees (by the way, Planes can help with each one of these steps).

  1. Create a “Virtual Move” – Try to plan out your new space digitally or with a drawing. If you have an internal design team, assign them to this task. If not, draw a rough layout yourself. Envision your new work environment with employee comfort and collaboration as the focus.
  2. Don’t Move What You Don’t Use – If you or your employees haven’t touched something in years, chances are you won’t ever need it again. You have options for what to do with those excess items, whether they can be recycled or simply disposed. 
  3. Use a Labeling System – It doesn’t have to be advanced or complex. A color code will do just fine. Blue for IT, red for HR, green for Sales…you get the idea. You’d be surprised at how much taking this step during the packing phase can significantly simplify the move. 
  4. Put Responsibility in Your Employee’s Hands – Make sure each employee knows what they are personally responsible for moving or preparing. Assign teams and tasks to spread out accountability and ownership. If you’re a mid-size or large company, form a moving committee. 
  5. Bonus! Call Planes – This is an obvious one, we know. But you’d truly be surprised how easily Planes can make your corporate move 100% stress-free. We can manage every aspect of your relocation – it’s what we do.

Yes, Planes can provide labor, trucks and equipment, but we can also understand that your work environment needs to not only maintain productivity levels, but remain clean and project the image of professionalism you and your employees have worked hard to preserve.

Your company specializes in something. We specialize in move management. So contact us today, and let us help make your move stress-free.