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Planes is committed to our communities and our planet. That's why we continue to develop services that promote environmental stewardship. Partnering with an award-winning, woman-owned, 501(c)(3) company, we match and steward office furniture, appliances, supplies, and building materials back to the community. These services give our customers the biggest impact to the triple bottom line - people, planet, and prosperity.


Landfill diversion rate

US Tons (and counting)

diverted from landfills through repurposing, resale, recycle, and/or EfW



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Metric Tons (and counting)

of (GHG)Greenhouse Gases Avoided

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Our Process

Step 1

We work with you to identify items to be decommissioned. This helps remove unwanted items from your facility and cut down on move size.

Step 2

Through our partnership with a woman-owned, 501(c)(3) organization, we match and steward your decommissioned items. Your items will then be given to community organizations in need.

Step 3

The decommissioning results are independently audited and detailed in a tax receipt. You will also receive a certificate totaling landfill diversion in metric tons.

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Planes can provide plastic reusable moving crates instead of boxes for your move. Our cardboard boxes can also be reused up to a certain number of times before we recycle them. We also reuse and recycle our plastic computer and monitor bags, as well as the bags for the cords and all peripheral components. All of our building protection materials are reusable as well.

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