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July 29, 2022 | Customer Resources | Case Study | Commercial Moving Solutions

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During our 18-year relationship with one of the region’s largest banks, we’ve scaled our services up or down depending on business needs. Over time, we’ve provided:

  • Relocation planning services
  • Move services
  • Project management
  • Installation
  • Warehousing
  • On-site project coordination
  • MAC services

Project Spotlight

This multi-faceted project required a massive relocation during a recent restructuring. Rather than hiring multiple vendors for different service needs, the client turned to Planes as a single solution for all aspects of the project:

  • During the project, Planes created a swing space while multiple buildings were vacated to condense associates into two main facilities.
  • We created a Green decommission strategy for the vacated buildings by facilitating furniture liquidation and recycling.
  • We provided disconnect/reconnect services.
  • Planes’ in-house installers worked after hours to minimize business interruptions during the transition.

By The Numbers

  • The project’s execution took place over 18-week time frame required us to work 7 days a week to meet the schedule.
  • 3 senior project managers on-site coordinating 3 segments of the project:
    • Reconfiguration of workstations.
    • Relocation of file folders.
    • Relocation of associates.
  • Disassembled 1,800 workstations.
  • Reconfigured and reassembled over 2,200 workstations.
  • Relocated 2,900 people to a variety of locations within the region.
  • Decommissioned 7 offices as part of branch closures, removing non-structural furniture, and broom-sweeping them.
  • Moved 7.5 miles of files and paperwork, consolidating them from 3 locations to 1 location with a new shelving system. Using a color and numbering sequence to keep different loan documents (auto, mortgage, and commercial) separated and shelved according to loan number, we committed to the following to complete the project on-time:
    • 12 men, 2 trucks, and 175 library carts
    • 10-hour work days, 6 days per week, for 7 weeks
    • Loading, tagging, shrink wrapping, relocating, and reshelving of 95 carts of paperwork per day
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