Celebrating 100 Years with a Move to a New Corporate Headquarters

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July 29, 2022 | Customer Resources | Case Study | Commercial Moving Solutions | Logistics Solutions | Warehousing Solutions

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We chose to work with Planes because they were highly recommended to us. Between them and our other options, their culture set them apart. We’ve never done a large-scale move like this, so a true partner is what we needed, and what we found in Planes.

A move to a new corporate headquarters – from a space which had been home to 225 employees since the 1930s – was a significant event for a company whose history and traditions formed a critical part of its identity. Add to the fact that the new space consisted entirely of an open office concept – a sharp contrast from the current layout, of which 80 percent was traditional offices – and the move marked a major cultural shift for this client. It also coincided with the company’s centennial, making it all the more imperative that the project run smoothly.

Local Warehousing

We received and stored 14 trailer loads of product in our Columbus warehouse. Once product arrived, we catalogued it with the move and installation schedules in mind to limit our footprint in the new space while it was still under construction and keep debris to a minimum. Within the dedicated 5,500 square feet of warehouse space, we kitted all product by floor and by item so that it could be quickly loaded and delivered upon the general contractor’s request.

To maintain project visibility and ensure that the project remained on schedule, we provided daily warehouse reports, which included progress and issues. Our on-site project manager provided up-to-date punch lists with photo documentation, including details if product arrived damaged so that it could be quickly reordered. The result: a constant awareness of project status, with regular updates to generate piece of mind and maintain the project schedule.

Planes logo mark

From the start, Planes has been responsive and easy to depend on. They’ve felt like a seamless part of our team; thelines of communication are always open. We chose Planes because their culture was similar to ours – focused on working as a team – and it’s been a great success because rather than this project being a transactional exchange, it’s been a true partnership.

Chief People Officer