Global Fast Food Chain Headquarters Relocation

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July 29, 2022 | Customer Resources | Case Study | Commercial Moving Solutions | Logistics Solutions | Service or Solution

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You really can go home again.

A global fast food restaurant chain wanted to better connect with its changing customer and employee base, but continue to honor its rich history. A planned move from a Chicago suburb back to its original downtown location – into a modern, but still-under- construction, building – involved not only 2,400 employees, but also, invaluable archival material. As is the case for many companies, a change in location was more than just a physical move: it symbolized the company’s desire to evolve.

We can take you there.

We know our way around the neighborhood. In the past five years, we’ve completed 370 moves into downtown Chicago. We believe that each move is a significant step in a company’s journey; that’s why Fortune 500 companies trust us to handle their moves with care. As a lead partner to JLL, we manage all the parts of a move that are challenging, stressful, and overwhelming so that you can focus on what is most important: your people and your customers.

We planned for complexity.

We believe that the success of a move begins with the plan. In the pre-move phase, we gather information, communicate it to relevant groups, and set the stage for move day.

  • Coordinated pre-move meetings with all departments 
  • Produced and installed temporary signage 
  • Created flagging system for load day to establish visual cues for movers and project managers 
  • Developed labeling and numbering plan for employee crate moves and filing cabinets

We packed to meet a diverse set of needs.

Whether it’s crates, cabinets, or custom artwork, we can handle it. We offer a variety of service options that we can customize for you.

  • 2,400 employees from three different buildings, across seven phases 
  • 2,000 linear feet of filing 
  • 1,200 linear feet of archival material 
  • 1,600 square feet of studio equipment 
  • 24 bay of common post shelving 
  • 16 bay of furniture, which we disassembled, relocated, and reassembled 
  • 15 skids of copier paper 
  • Several pieces of high-value artwork 

We paid attention to the details

If some aspects of your move require special attention, we create processes and assign people to make sure that your VIPs – very important people and products – receive the highest level of service.

  • Established chain-of-custody secure moves for IT server equipment and confidential filing material 
  • Devoted six experienced movers solely to white glove services for ten Senior Leaders
  • Dedicated a team of four specially-trained movers to handle all archival and high-value material 
  • Created a post-move command center on each floor of the building for all seven phases of the move
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Planes has helped to make the headquarters relocation from the Oak Brook to the West Loop a great success. Although relocating multiple Oak Brook home office locations to the newly constructed nearly 490,000 square foot headquarters was a complex and challenging undertaking, Planes rose to the occasion and provided professional assistance making it a successful move. We have completed the move of all the content during seven phases, which were condensed into only one month! We have flawlessly relocated over 2,000 employees to the unassigned work environment! Planes provided exceptional service during and after the move, that included white glove services during the C-suite transition. Thank you for your partnership on completing this exciting yet challenging project!

Kamila Filmon, Senior Project Manager, JLL